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Muslim Ban? Fragile States?


Here’s Trump’s list of banned Muslim countries in red, and the ones where he has business interests are in gold. The unlabeled one at the uper right is Azerbaijan.

Trump's Muslim Ban Countries

Trump’s Muslim Ban Countries

And here’s a fragile states index for the region.

Fragile States Worst

Fragile States Worst

The banned countries are places where the governments have basically collapsed. People are complaining about the relationship between Trump businesses and the presence or absence of a ban. I’m not justifying, nor am I criticizing, I’m just noting that here is some data that hasn’t commonly appeared in conjunction with the coverage of the issue.

This map originally appeared in Fragile States Index 2016.

NATO: Kremlin & Daesh Information Activities

Kremlin & Daesh Information Activities is a publication from NATO’s STRATCOMCOE, based on a meeting that happened in Riga, Latvia on May 24th of 2016.

Here are theĀ four questions they addressed:


How are the communications and messages of DAESH and the Kremlin constructed and disseminated?

Are their methods changing?

Why do such messages appeal to youth, even if they are familiar with Western values and consumerism?

What are the weakest aspects of our information environment and what can we do to improve?

I wish I could put a big ol’ plug in for this document, but I just can’t. The ideas on the sources of violent extremism seem dated, simplistic, and outright incorrect in many places. This is meant to be a top level policy formation document so it’s full of broad strokes and short on the kind of details that usually draw my eye. It’s posted here as a milestone, a note that I’ve read the work, nothing more.