One Quarter Of U.K. Youth Have Been ‘Dangerously Homeless’

New research shows that 26% of aged 16-24 have had to sleep in an “unsafe place” due to homelessness, such as in a car, a car park, a tent in a public space, or on the streets—amounting to an estimated 1.4 million young people (one in six) who have slept rough or unsafely in the just last year, with just under 300,000 doing so on any one night.

Astonishing: A quarter of young people in the UK have experienced ‘unsafe’ homelessness

I have long wrestled with a chronic health problem, as do 85% of all homeless adults. I have been blessed with good friends during this last decade, all but a month of my camping has been elective, and that month was during a glorious, dry California fall. I’ve long since found housing, but I still periodically reivist the site, enjoying the solitude it provides.

My own (mis)adventures are profoundly weird, I have long since stopped questioning why I am always at the nexus of such strange happenings, but I don’t imagine these young adults sleeping rough are quite so philosophical. This is a country losing a generation of youth, they’re headed up the Dark Mountain, perhaps into the same territory inhabited by the Irish Travellers.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The Brexit was a foolish move, as bad for the U.K. as electing Trump is for the United States. The West is spinning out of control, the echoes of the downfall of Italy or the Weimar Republic are clear. We can only hope when those disaffected, discarded youth head out, they choose the Road To Utopia.


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