Going Rogue

Responding to gag orders by President Trump, twenty three rogue accounts representing their respective agencies have been created on Twitter.

I decided to see who they were following. The Maltego graph was tolerable in terms of size, but these are best when I’m digging for details, not so helpful when I want to show others.


My system already captures follower/following relationships and today I spent an hour crafting a script that would automate the production of an input file for Gephi. Those 23 accounts were following a total of 1,632 others and there were 2,433 total links.


I wanted to see who was influential for these accounts so I squelched the low degree nodes to clean up the graph. The National Park Service is where the rebellion started so theirs is the oldest and most dense, clearly visible here. I was not at all surprised to find Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson prominent among those being followed.




And it looks like @RogueNOAA is starting to join the fun.



All in all, I don’t think Trump has any idea what he has unleashed here. The cute Twitter accounts are funny, but this level of conflict is going to embolden employees to say and do all sorts of things they would not in more settled time. First Manning, then Snowden, and who knows what might turn up next.



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