Indivisible Influencers

The Indivisible Movement has expanded rapidly. I profiled 176 Twitter accounts in The Indivisible Movement’s Facilitators. Last night I started a study of who their influencers are last night and I found that my list now has 254 members – a 44% increase in 72 hours.

I have a set of @Klout transforms and I let them run on those 254 accounts, which led to this Maltego graph of 638 accounts total. The nodes on this graph are sized by the number of links, the one in the center is @IndivisibleTeam. These are the accounts that Klout finds to be influencers OF the Indivisibles.


Within the 638 accounts on that graph I found fifty House members.



And fifty four Senators.



I’m not going to show the 260 other accounts that Klout found to be influential but I will make a few generalizations about them. Members of this group included:

  • Former presidents & presidential candidates.
  • Many news outlets.
  • Celebrities who’ve expressed opinions about Trump, mostly negative.
  • Activists who are in the middle of things but who do not have ‘Indivisible’ in their name.

I also let the transform run on topics for which the Indivisible accounts are influential. I tossed a lot of cruft – celebrities who are apolitical, keywords like ‘coffee’, that sort of thing.


I found four active categories of discussion

  • Issues topped the list – health care, civil rights, employment, and lastly war.
  • Some locations rose to prominence, but this didn’t make much sense to me given the broad geographic distribution of accounts.
  • WaPo and NBC seem to be favorite news sources.
  • Trump, Nixon, and Roosevelt were the presidents that were mentioned.

About the time I created the Indivisibility post, an index of my work in this area, I received a worried chat message.

Why is he trying to dox them?

The word ‘dox’ is a hacker/troll term, a verb that means “to identify the operator of an account, or to dig out a lot of personal information on an individual whose name is known”. The implication is that the person will then be harassed.

I don’t particularly care about who might be running any given Indivisible account. I’m currently taking Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis, I support what Indivisible and similar movements are trying to accomplish, and I’m just using this large social phenomenon as a testing ground for my (presumably) improved analysis capabilities.

I almost never approve comments on this blog. If you have a concern, leave a comment, and if it’s a well founded question I’ll probably post the text of it and a response.


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