Indivisible Movement

Indivisible Movement

The @IndivisibleTeam account was created on 18 December 2016 and I first wrote about it on 18 January 2017. Having poked around a bit, it would seem that this is going to be an ongoing thing for the next four years. This post will serve as an index of any work I do in this area.

The Indivisible Movement – visualizing the relationship between the four founder’s accounts and the main role account and the movement they have triggered.

The Indivisible Movement’s Conversation – visualizing the mentions originating from the 178 accounts identified in the first article.

The Indivisible Movement’s Facilitators – visualizing the accounts followed by 176 remaining accounts that were available on 20 January  2017, with an eye on identifying key human facilitators via identification of high centrality accounts.

Indivisible Influencers – visualized 254 movement accounts, who their influencers are with a focus on members of Congress, and then extracted their favorite topics, all seen from the perspective of the @Klout API.

If you are a reporter, a fellow blogger, or a student writing a paper and you’re interested in the graphics presented here feel free to drop a note to nrauhauser at gmail. Only a tiny fraction of the material I have ever makes it here and I occasionally take on producing visualizations for others.


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