The Indivisible Movement’s Conversation

Yesterday in The Indivisible Movement I visualized the four founders, the primary role account, and about 170 role accounts for various states, cities, and Congressional districts. Now that I’ve got all of these accounts being recorded by the Netwar System I can easily visualize their conversations as they grow and spread.

These are all done with Gephi.

Almost all of my layouts start with Force Atlas 2 and then get tweaked with Label Adjust, Expansion, and various applications of Filter. This is a bit of a departure; the Indivisible Movement is busy enough that OpenOrd produces an interesting initial view. This is 178 accounts that mentioned 8,539 others a total of 18,783 times.


I just can’t stay away from Force Atlas 2. Each of these is that layout algorithm with various tweaks intended to provide a visually provocative exposition of the movement’s conversation.



This one is precisely the same graph as above, only limited to nodes which had thirty or more mentions. This is a somewhat clumsy measure of who is important, or at least who has been at it longer. There are a lot of brand new accounts that haven’t had chances to develop the cloud of mentions exemplified by the orange cloud around @Leahgreenb.


This is a combination of larger scaling than above coupled with high gravity. The effect is to produce a dense, circular graph with good separation of the colored sub-groups within the overall conversation. We’ll revisit this layout in a few weeks and we’ll find that many of these accounts in the middle left that are conversationally close to @IndivisibleTeam will ‘pop’, producing little clouds of their own. The @USIndivisible account on the right is emergent – it wasn’t there yesterday, now it’s a rising force.


If you’re a journalist and you want a graphic like this for an article just drop me a note – nrauhauser at gmail. I’m happy to provide assistance.


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