The Indivisible Movement

A few days ago I noticed @IndivisibleTeam and their 26 page Indivisible Guide. Having worked on Capitol Hill during the time the Tea Party was rising the suggestions in the guide are immediately recognizable as their playbook, edited to fit the needs of Progressives by Congressional staff that intimately understand how a House or Senate office works.

I started with the four founders (@AngelRafPadilla,@ezralevin,@Leahgreenb,@texpat) and the official role account @IndivisibleTeam, then looked for other Indivisible role accounts that got mentioned. The colors here don’t have a legend, they’re a visual clue as to how many subdivisions there are within a given conversation group. The thicker the line, the more often the accounts are mentioned.


I turned the squelch up on links until only seventeen or more mentions qualified.


I checked these accounts and it looks like the best way to get mentioned by @IndivisibleTeam is to score some local media attention.

Using nothing other than the mention metadata, I’m going to guess that @ezralevin sets the policy for how @IndivisibleTeam conducts itself – they share a promotion strategy. He’s mentioned the most of the accounts that have been noticed by the four founders and his is the only account speaking to others who have not been recognized by anyone else.


The rapid growth of this movement reminds me of Occupy Wall Street, but the clear, concise playbook will avoid the endless tedium of OWS decision making, and the fault that eventually brought the movement down. OWS had no way to expel troublemakers, informants, and they gave equal time to the mentally ill. Indivisible has a set of guiding principles which will permit autonomous local action and a shared brand that will give it national reach, without the group hug dynamics that wrecked Occupy.

I agree with both what these people are doing and the methods they’re employing to reach them, but I’ve already served my time on the front lines of a couple social movements. I’m just going to set up here and observe, occasionally commenting in a manner which I hope will assist the process.



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