Saddest AMA Ever: @johnrobb


This AMA with John Robb is just the saddest piece of crap ever. There are half a dozen good questions, and a whole lot of Trumpkins asking foolish leading questions about Hillary Clinton, her foundation, and the like. Given his star power, I am amazed at the poor quality of conversation seen here.


The most interesting thing in here to my mind is Robb’s thoughtful answers on Trump’s insurgent followers:


Here’s the foco reference:

Trump is would be the foco (he challenges the establishment brazenly and isn’t shut down) yet this is more of an open source insurgency. Lots of people with different motivations for disliking the corruption of the establishment coming together. Trump fits an open source movement perfectly. He doesn’t have an agenda. His goal is merely to reflect what his supporters want.

The Trumpkin pormanteau is dismissive and it’s one I use often. There are serious thinkers in the mix and if they actually manage to influence things … well … that could get ugly fast. The flow of conversation addresses the reformist potential of the Trump movement, but I think it’s closer to the seeds of civil war.


What’s missing here? Not one Occupier or Black Lives Matters question in the mix. Those are also open source insurgencies, but left leaning ones. Their reflexive dismissal of the type of skills Robb and those who follow him bring to any conflict have limited their effectiveness.



2 thoughts on “Saddest AMA Ever: @johnrobb

  1. canadianglen

    I think an underlying issue as November creeps closer, is who really wants to change the status quo? Everyone in and of the system has benefited from it, they will continue to do so, and the possibly most likely way to continue it is with pointless, shallow, circuitous double-talk.
    You mentioned Occupy. What was the most effective way to defuse it? Take away its primary focus on financial improprieties and force it to address every systemic problem under the sun. Discord and fracturing were sure to follow. The same will happen with the Drumpfkins, who never have addressed specific problems with any kind of clarity anyway.

    1. Neal Rauhauser Post author

      You, sir, have brass ball the size of church bells, showing up here in comments. You’re one of the few out there, stitched together out of scraps of Nomex™ and Kevlar™, who would dare to do so 🙂


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