TheDAO Adds Curators

The DAO has the concept of curators, trusted members that verify the identity of others. This is quite public, here is the state of things now, except that Gavin Wood is no longer involved.


The recent additions, @iurimatias & @sherminvo were announced by @stephantual

Being the social network analyzer that I am, I immediately fired up Maltego to see if I could track down the other eleven among the contacts of the first two. This is pretty easy – paste in the text names and transform them into Twitter ‘affiliances’.


They had fourteen accounts they follow in common and among them were three more of the curators, as well as some hints on which projects are important.


And that leads to 1,676 Twitter accounts, as well as a chance to show off the Maltego 4 feature known as collections. This graph speaks to me, but I’m used to reading them. I’m sure anyone new to this craft would be quite frustrated by it.


Prior to Maltego 4 I would have maybe used the leaf node trimmer to reduce all of the ones that have a single follower, but that’s losing information. Another method would have been to laboriously select each group with a mix of logical and graphical query methods, then attach an Alias entity to all of the Twitter accounts, giving them two links, which helps for visualization as well as pruning.

But Maltego 4 offers collections



The boxes represent groups of 75 or more Twitter accounts with similar attributes, in this case its the accounts with only a single follower from among the five curators we’ve already identified.  I did remove the collection boxes, then teased this tripartite network apart a bit.


The four non-celebrity curators are the group with red dots on the left, along with their shared follows. Vitalik Buterin is on the right with his contacts. I expected to find all of the others in the shared contacts, but there was only one, while three of the others were out in the weeds at the far left.


Located members include:


Now that we’ve got our people identified, we find that nine accounts addressed 3,214 others. There is a collection like feature in Gephi, but it’s clumsy, so I’m going to do some other rituals to simply this graph.




Dialing it down to seventy seven accounts total, I think we’ve got the list of future curators right there in the middle.



I’ve saved the Maltego file used here and the nine curators are now being recorded by my system. We’ll revisit this the next time new people are added.




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