Crypto-Asset Market Capitalization

I’ve been using CoinMarketCap as a source for the data used in things like Top Ten AltCoins 2016-05-31 but I have to admit to having not explored the site any further than pulling the data for those visualizations.

I decided to check out the Assets page and it’s another wonderland to explore. I already mentioned that I bought Ether and used it to buy into The DAO, a distributed autonomous organization founded as a venture capital fund. But what’s this DigixDAO? It’s also based on Ethereum … hrm.


After a little digging, it isn’t clear that DigixDAO is a distributed autonomous organization, but it seems to be a virtual gold fund tied to the London Bullion Market Association.

So I own a bit of BTC and a bit of ETH, two cryptocurrencies, and I’ve bought into DAO, which are like shares in a venture capital fund. Now there appears to be a precious metals fund. This is starting to look an awful lot like a mutual fund prospectus that can be balanced to achieve an appropriate investment strategy.


There are 57 asset funds listed but only 50 of them were amenable to visualization. Some lack information and appear to be failing, while others offer unique asset bases. Among those fifty, one is based on NuBits, two are based on Ethereum, five are based on Omni, eight are based on BitShares, nine are based on Counterparty, and twenty five on Nxt.

Ethereum is the largest platform with $174 million in assets. Omni is next with $40 million, 64% of which is MaidSafe Coin, the 7th largest altcoin. Counterparty is next with almost $11 million, 57% of which is Storjcoin X, itself the 22nd largest altcoin. Nxt is the 20th largest altcoin and the largest of the 25 assets using it only compromised 33% of the total. This must be a hotbed of innovation, expect I’ll be giving it further attention.

Here’s a quick first visualization.


Stripping the newly dominant Ethereum funds shows the map of the world before May of 2016.



There are 691 coins listed on CoinMarketCap but of those only Bitcoin really has the liquidity to support a business of any size. Once you get below the top fifty or so even the coins that aren’t intentional scams have such small market caps that they are easily manipulated. The smaller number of asset funds, the handful of platforms, and the lack of negative news (at least that I can recall) speak to something very different happening at the lower end of the market.

I’m going to do some reading on Nxt and BitShares; I suspect both of these platforms have influenced the thinking that led to the larger players.



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