A Trio Of Ethereum Graphics

I bookmark things I want to read, or more likely I favorite stuff using my Twitter egg that I use to keep up with the world. Compelling stuff ends up a startup page in my browser, nagging until I read. The really important stuff remains in startup until I actually start doing something about it. I have a trio of Ethereum links that have been percolating for about a week, looks like today is the big day to actually read them.



Create Your Own Crypto-Currency With Ethereum

Late last night I mentioned the lower denizens of CoinMarketCap in Crypto-Asset Market Capitalization. There are 690 altcoins, the vast majority of which are sketchy at best. There are a few legitimate advances in blockchain technology and there have been literally a thousand Bitcoin clones used for pump & dump scams. Looks like Ethereum is going to offer a foundation where innovators can play with new ideas without reinventing the wheel. This should put an end to some of the saucier fraudsters.



Crowdsale: Raising Funds From Friends Without A Third Party

Back in the dark ages I led the team that won a $100k USDA Innovation Grant. Then during the renaissance I led the team that finished in the top five for the Knight Foundation’s News Challenge. We were seeking $400k and came in ahead of about seven hundred other proposals. I’ve worked on IndieGoGo and Kickstarters that have never gone anywhere. Having organic crowdfunding/crowdsale systems built into the Ethereum arcology is very, very interesting.


How To Build Democracy On The Blockchain

I recently mentioned in First Ether Bought, Spent On DAO Tokens that I had spent a bit of my BTC income in order to participate in The DAO. This decentralized autonomous organization expected to raise $5 million, but instead roared into the global financial conscious, raising $150 million in thirty days and bringing in aggregate quarter billion dollar boost to the ETH/DAO market capitalization. That number sounds like a Wall Street hedge fund bonus, and everyone is paying attention.

Unlike venture funds run by a small number of high flying investors, The DAO is run by consensus. I have a few hundred of the 1.2 billion DAO and that still matters, because consensus building requires conversation. If I educate myself, which I’m doing by reading these articles today, and I communicate my findings, which I’m starting to do with Tableau Public, I have influence commensurate with the time I’m willing to invest.


I have always done well in environments like this in the past. It’s easy for me to work out how things fit together, and what the least energy cost path is from point A to point B. Right now I have a small income from things like this, but hopefully it’ll morph into a grown up sized career move, which will be a welcome change after almost a decade of struggling with health related issues.


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