Top Ten Altcoins 2016-05-31

A few days ago I reported First Ether Bought, Spent On DAO Tokens. Despite having managed to be present at the beginning, I didn’t expect to find this today on CoinMarketCap. I own $40 USD worth of The DAO, a distributed autonomous organization formed to manage a venture capital fund. I didn’t realize it was going to be listed as an altcoin all on its own.


This looks very different than even a week ago. Sorry for potato color change, I’m just getting used to producing content in Tableau, like Top Ten Altcoins 2016-05-31.


A quarter billion dollars has flowed into the ETH/DAO environment in the last thirty days. Litecoin is up $30 million in the same period, perhaps on the overall attention to the sector. The rest of the altcoins are low inertia, with market caps of less than $50 million.

I suspect my holdings in ETH and DAO are going to swell, but it’ll be due to work on proposals, rather than any speculative investment of my BTC income.


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