East Baltic Russian Influence

There is a lot of chatter on LinkedIn about a brigade strength U.S. four battalion NATO force making the rounds in the East Baltic NATO countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Why they are so concerned about Russia after the seizure of Crimea might be a little more clear with an infographic.

First, something I made with Tableau. Sorry for potato layout, this is a new package for me and I can’t figure out how to get the percentage of Russian population to land anywhere but on top of the country names. The little green snippet is the Russian exclave of the Kaliningrad Oblast, obtained via ethnic cleansing after World War II. Two million Germans fled and the 300,000 that remained were gulag’d.


Here’s a much modified Cold War era map with some pie charts that are no longer quite accurate, but they give a good sense of details I couldn’t work into the Tableau workbook.



Finland, Poland, and Sweden are all taking measures of their own, calling up troops for exercises, making a public show of solidarity, or in the case of Sweden, spooning with NATO despite long time neutrality.

Welcome to Cold War 2.0, now with added heat. You heard it hear first, folks …


Bonus: more tuberous Tableau goodness from my NATO & Russia Military Expenditures & Troops workbook. First number is military budget in millions, then count of personnel. The Baltic NATO members don’t have the air power to stop a reindeer stampede.




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