In Which LinkedIn Befouls Itself Again

I made a big production of summarizing things here in Propaganda & Professionalism Revisited, then directed people to my LinkedIn profile. I managed 119 posts before the platform limits and poor policy choices chased me back here. I suspect I’m going to end up switch hitting between showing things I’m doing here and pointing out things I noticed via LinkedIn.


However …


I have been collecting maps here and I started making my own clear back to the turn of the century, at first for outdoor radio link engineering, but my interests became much more diverse. I’ve been playing with Mapbox for a while and I recently began using Tableau as part of Indiana’s IVMOOC course. Mapbox can be embedded with iframe, but that is forbidden here. Tableau has a place where you can publish live content, and I’m fairly excited about being able to do things like this – a color coded map of electrical generating capacity in the state of California.



Part of the reason I write is that it provides a way to provide me a chance to pivot to a new topic. Without these endpoints my natural inclination to developing circumscribed interests would leave me eternally excavating areas in which I will be at best a knowledgeable spectator.

Maps? Visualizations? I guess the I’m going to give the classic computer nerd answer to an ‘or’ question – Yes.


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