Myanmar Misery: Kachin Rebellion, Rohingya Recognition

I have been using RecordedFuture for the last few weeks and it’s mostly been me massaging timelines and maps for areas I already knew. I decided I would explore some new territory and Rohingya: Stateless In Myanmar was the outcome. Today I decided I would have a go at using the internal annotation feature and in the process I learned that there is another conflict in Myanmar between the government and their Kachin minority.

Myanmar ethnic

The Rohingya inhabit the Rakhine state on the coast. They are native to the region but Muslim, while the Buddhist Burmese dominated government views them as Bangladeshi refugees. The Kachin are a separate ethnic group in the far northeast on the border with China.


You will have to enlarge this image to see the details. What I found was not only mention of the Kachin conflict, but the timeline proved very valuable, revealing a chronology of actions involving the U.S. State Department, President Obama, a Chinese envoy, and the final result was a unilateral cease fire on the part of the Myanmar government.

If you are logged in to Twitter you can follow this link to a live version of Myanmar Troubles. You are free to use all the features of the system within the boundaries I initially created. Long term I am going to upgrade this site so I can use iframe and directly embed them, but for the moment this is all you get.

I have done temporal analysis of complex events in the past using Timeline, but that has been mostly post intrusion forensics on email spools or picking through domestic political infighting. I have worked a bit with Sentinel Visualizer, a link analysis took with geospatial and temporal capabilities. Presenting happenings on a timeline always reveals connections that are missed in a linear read of a complex situation.

I have wandered outside my usual bounds by delving into Myanmar’s conflicts. There are another set of conflicts as complex as the arc from Morocco to Pakistan, which include Myanmar, the Philippines, and the Xinjiang province in China. I am not sure I will have the time or energy to expand – what I would really like to find is a group that is interested in the same things I am, but that needs a technical assist to cover it all.


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