State Department Witch Hunt

There has been loose talk from various loose screws in the Republican dominated House regarding the need to impeach President Obama for the 9/11/2012 Benghazi incident.

I recently discovered DiploPundit and this post was enlightening: Accountability Review Board Fallout: Who Will be Nudged to Leave, Resign, Retire? Go Draw a Straw. This is the closing paragraph, which I hope motivates you to read the whole piece – it’s only 500 words or so.

Folks, we do not like the look of this bureaucratic firewall. The NEA resignation if true looks contrived and the artificiality offends us. What decisions regarding Benghazi did Mr. Maxwell actually do, that the NEA Assistant Secretary and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary and their bosses at “P” and beyond did not sign off? Did the seven NEA officials below PDAS had to draw a straw on who should step down? Inquiring minds would like to know.

So, it’s all bureaucratic ass covering now, but who is really to blame? State Department Reeling From Budget Cuts provides a clue:

Andrew Shapiro, assistant secretary of state in its Bureau of Political Military Affairs, told a meeting last week of the Center for New American Security that the hefty cuts will compromise national security. He noted that the 2012 funding bill for State Department and foreign operations was cut 8 percent by the full Senate Appropriations Committee and a whopping 18 percent by the House Appropriations State and Foreign Operations subcommittee.

So the House Republicans partially strangle the State Department using the purse strings back in 2011, and now the witch hunters are out in force, making sure that Hillary Clinton isn’t viable for a 2016 presidential run. Four diplomats died and this decreased our overall national security. The experts are saying the 2014 election will likely be a national referendum on GOP obstructionism. Let’s hope we don’t lose a couple more embassies due to their irresponsibility over the next two years.


2 thoughts on “State Department Witch Hunt

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