This video contains a comparison of the voice of @brandondarby, the head of @BreitbartTexas, and three false police reports which he and his associates have been trying to frame me for since late 2011. This started during Weinergate but it became an obsession for them after @AndrewBreitbart died from a heart attack in the middle of a battle of words with me on February 29th, 2012. If you’re seeking additional information on Darby’s methods and his prior victims Witness to Betrayal is a must read.

The prime mover for this scheme on a day to day basis is the woman heard posing as a police officer in this video. This woman is an employee of detective agency Vested Protection Systems in Clark, New Jersey. Her boss, Jeffery Joy, was in charge of the city’s 9/11 system at the time of the first false report. Under the alias ‘Michelle’ she was the primary author of a conspiracy theory about me known as Twittergate, and with the help of the relentlessly indecent Breitbots she has injected her paranoid delusions into every corner of my personal and professional life.

My experiences are a microcosm of what they entire country has been facing. Republican governors Haley Barbour and Bobby Jindal have taken their party task for “offensive and bizarre comments”, while Glenn Beck, National Review and NY Post Might be Forced to Pay Huge Defamation Damages in Court by @EricBoehlert on April 10th, 2014 sums up the troubles facing three major right wing news outlets. The smear and sneer game has run its course, the consequences range from lost elections for people like Mitt Romney and Ken Cuccinelli to the impending loss of freedom for Chris Christie and Michael Grimm.

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